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Re: Poping exhaust sound on rally cars.

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Mike Zamikhovsky wrote:

 > > Both of the Hyundai's and the Lancer Evo II sound that way too.
> hope that it will make our sport grow. The reason for poping noise is 
> that in order to keep turbo spinning when shifting using clutch (no crash 

I've seen Mazda RX-7's and Toyota Supra Turbo's with modified blow-off
valves and when they down shift it makes that "PPPPPPfffftttttt!" sound.
Pretty cool. Reminds me of Porsche 962's at LeMans.
What the blow-off valve does is keep the turbos spinning while down
shifting. Greddy and HKS, a Japanese tuning firm makes them. Geddy has
universal fit blow-off valves. 
If I get an A4 1.8T I would definitely put one in my car. "Pppppfffftttt!"
Maybe scare someone in a parking garage or something. But then again I
might get sued.

I do have one question. How do you get your turbo charged cars to belch
out flames through the exhaust pipe when down shifting? 

Seung Lee
93 100S
Silver Spring, Md