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Back to the brake bomb story...


I'm getting back to the brake bomb story again. I have all the
symptoms of a failing bomb on my 200T. A few weeks back the shudder
associated with the failing bomb could be felt near to the bottom
of the brake pedal travel. Lately the shudder can be felt higher
up on the travel, with the brakes becoming more and more of a
problem to apply. I think it is time to fit a new one. I have
just spoke to the Lindsay-Saker people (VW/Audi agents in South
Africa). When I called I just asked for the price of the accumulator,
and the guy on the phone, without looking at the pricelist, asked
me if I was sitting down. The bomb is about US$500. I called one of
the companies listed at the back of the CAR magazine who deal with
hydraulic and brake systems, including boosted brakes. They told me
to get hold of the dealer.

Now, US$500 is 1/16 the value of my car (not including the amount of
interest I'm paying on it). That is just a bit too much for me!

I would like to know whether the brake bomb is specifically
distributed by Audi or manufactured by them, I can't remember from
the previous posts. Or is it made by Ate who are, as far as I know,
the supplier of the brake system on the local 200T?

Another line of action would be to find a manufacturer who makes the
same part to the same specifications. But how to do this? Do I call
up hydraulic companys? Is there somewhere in the States or  overseas
(I'm in South Africa) where I can get the part or something similar

I'm just stumped at the cost of this thing. A complete set of
Bridgestones are close to being cheaper.

Also, asked about the rotors. They don't supply drilled rotors. They
also state that VW/Audi manufacture the rotors fitted to the Audi.
As I said before, I thought Ate manufacture the braking system on
the Audi, am I correct? Also, I can get stock rotors for this
car from the local NAPA, a set of 4 rotors (front and rear) equals
what Audi are asking for the 2 rear rotors alone (and I save US$50!!)


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