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Re: 100LS

In a message dated 97-12-09 01:04:48 EST, mnelson@brls.com writes, in
reference to the late, lamentable 100LS:

<< They are simple cars, but they are terribly designed, especially the
 head and the crappy front brakes.  One would think Audi would have
 learned before they cursed the '91 200TQ with those ;-). >>

Interestingly, the 100LS design - including the engine and brakes - was pretty
well a done deal when Volkswagen bought controlling interest of Audi from
Mercedes-Benz.  Perhaps the blame lies - at least in part - with the Swabiens
(you now, the folks from Stuttgart whose cars fall over).  By the way, the V8
quattro and 200TQ were "cursed" with a different kind of front brakes
altogether.  That's Vorsprung durch Technik.

<< It's no wonder that there aren't many LS's on the road anymore. >>

Now let's be fair.  How many other imported cars from that era (20+ years ago)
do you see on the road in great numbers?