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Re: 100LS

On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Gerard wrote:

> Hmmm...now I'm really getting interested in these Super 90 and 100LS
> motors. Perhaps I've asked before, but anyone know where on the web
> one could find images and info on these interesting sound motors?

There were a couple of pictures of an early model 100LS on the
Audi web page (http://www.audi.de), but I can't find them. I
did make copies of the images while I could find them; anyone
who would like them, send me mail, and I'll mail them to you

Another source of pictures is the Road & Track Auto Union 1952-1980 

I have only one picture of any of my Audis; it's my first one,
the black 74 100LS, but is from the B-pillar back. I don't
even recall taking the picture.

If I hose the detritus off the '77 100LS sitting in the driveway,
I might be able to get a good shot or two of it...

-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)
Current AUDIs:
74 100LS Automatic w/Weber 32DGV (in storage awaiting restoration) [#01]
77 100LS Automatic (in driveway, rusting)                          [#06]
84 Coupe GT (Running since Jan. '97 w/dry 5sp transmission)        [#07]
86 5KCSTQ (Finally, a Quattro!)                                    [#08]
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