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Re: Searching for an Audi

hi scott,

great advice.  the bay area is probably not the best place to buy, so i will

take a look at some of the surrounding areas.


Scott 20191668 Bermes wrote:

> Carrie,
> One way is to have your dealer look on the computer to see if/where a
> the car with what you want is located. However, they want to sell what
> is on their lot, so if they offer you X over invoice for something on
> their lot, don't expect them to offer the same for a car not in their
> inventory.  The other way is basic, but I did it, and that is pick up
> the phone, call information in the cities within your preferred driving
> distance (or call Audi of America) and get phone numbers of the dealers
> and ask them what kind of A4's are on their lot.  For example, I am in
> Greensboro NC, we have a dealer with very little inventory, another
> dealer in Winston Sales, one in Ashville (3 hour drive), Raleigh (1 hour
> drive), Charlotte, (90 minute drive), Richmond (3 hours) and depending
> on how bad I want the car, Atlanta and Washington DC, both around 5
> hours.  Just plan on spending a Saturday eveing in one of those cities!
> What you will find is that these are different markets and $1000 over
> invoice in Atlanta might not work in Washington where there is greater
> demand for Audi.  BTW, with the CD, that can be done at the dealer, so
> find the car with the other items negotiate a CD player in the deal, say
> at dealer cost.  Good luck!
> Scott

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