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RE: My so called dealer/ Air bag update pisser

     Yep, I can add to the thread about incompetent dealers and
     the current air bag recall.
     Last month, I called Prestige Motors (DENVER_CO) to schedule my '89 
     200TQ airbag recall/update. Appointment was given and I verified that
     they had everything they needed to perform the recall.
     Sure enough on the day of appointment, I show up (8:00 am) and things 
     are chaotic and of course nobody has record of my appointment.  Oh 
     oh... this looks bad but lets gamble here. 
     Nevertheless against my better judgement, I leave the car with
     Prestige service manager's promise that they will get it done. 
     Unfortunately, I left the  AoA recall paperwork with them too.
     The once promised ride back to my office is not possible but how about
     a rental car on their dime but guarenteed by my AMEX card? Well..
     40 minutes later a slick rental car sales droid tries to weasel
     extra coverage for me on this "20K jewel" a Ford Esort! NO way just
     give me the dog and let me get to work ~10:30 am now.
     Sure as hell,  Prestige did not get the recall work done, I was
     treated rudely on the phone when I called about the status of the
     car in the afternoon. "Hey you did not even have an appointment-
     what do you expect?"...  Huh?
     I fight Denver rush hour traffic to go
     get my car before they close for the weekend and to get rid
     of the piece of sh**  Escort to avoid paying $50.00 a day extra.
     Sure enough, paperwork is gone on the recall and the car has
     been driven a couple of miles.  Lame apologies offered but
     not accepted.
     Never will I bring my Audi to Prestige again. Goes to show
     I can never learn with Audi dealers.