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4KQ Start Problem

Tom B. laments . . .

>I have an '86 4kq with a start problem.  When you first turn the key,
>the car starts, and then stalls right away.  If you don't keep it from
>stalling after the first start, it won't start at all.  You have to wait
>another hour or two, then it will do the same thing over again.  When
>the car is running, it idles rough.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
>Is it possible I have vapor lock?  If so, what would cause that?  Any
>suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks

I assume from your description that you can't keep the engine running
long enough to drive the car.  If this is true, have you by chance been
messing around in the fuse box?  There is a fuse along the side of the
box that looks and feels like a spare but in fact controls something vital
in the fuel injection system (someone technical can tell us what). 
When the fuse is removed, the engine runs, or more accurately doesn't
run, in a manner exactly as you describe.   The owner's manual
provides no warning about this.  In fact, its description of the various
fuses bears only passing resemblance to reality, but that's another
matter.  Hope this turns out to be your problem because it's an easy fix.

Stone Mountain, GA
'85 4KSQ
'89 F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28