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Maine Rally

In the divisional rally.......I'm surprised that Stott and Chris didn't

An Audi sweep in the novice class....

Chris Semple/Stott Hare, 1st in an Audi 4000Q (am I right on the car?)

Raymond Blethen/Tim Dugin, 2nd in an Audi 4000Q

Stephen Blethen/Dennis Duford, 3rd in an Audi 4000Q

Oh, yes, the 2nd and 3rd place finishers are my kids.....Raymond beat
his brother after being off in the woods as well.  The kids had a ball
and Stephen and Dennis are planning to run the  1998 divisional series
starting with the rally in NY the first of Jan.......I'm a very proud
Mom......and I am definately glad I did NOT know Gary Webb was rally
master before they left or I probably would have disabled the cars!  I
know Gary from way back and he's just this side of cooked when it comes
to rallying.....great guy, just a bit touched......<G> 

Trish Blethen