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re: Molegrip vs Craftsman Auto Loc

Thanks Roger,
	Actually, I think the ones I am referring to are different.  They
look just like RoboGrips, which seem nice.  BUt I believe they have a new
one that is locking as well.  Seen some ads for it where they show it
hanging from a table, locked on.  Seems a self-adjusting locking plier
would be really nice.  Anyhow, if I'm wrong, then sorry.
	L8R and thanks for the reply anyhow.  The ROBO's seem nice to

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On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Roger Albert wrote:

> Hi
> Todd wrote:
> > anyone used those new Craftsman self-adjusting locking pliers.  Can't think  
> > of their name, see ads for them all the time though.  Look pretty handy to me.
> I think they're RoboGrip or something very close to that.  I've got one set
> and how useful they are depends on what you're doing, naturally enough.  I'd
> comment that they seem to be a slick substiture for slip-joint (channel-lock)
> type pliers, in which the correct channel-width is automatically slipped down
> to, rather than a substitute for locking (vise-grip) type pliers.  IMHO etc ..
> regards
> roger
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