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Re: Maine Rally

Just little ole me... wrote:
> In the divisional rally.......I'm surprised that Stott and Chris didn't
> brag.....
> An Audi sweep in the novice class....
> Chris Semple/Stott Hare, 1st in an Audi 4000Q (am I right on the car?)
> Raymond Blethen/Tim Dugin, 2nd in an Audi 4000Q
> Stephen Blethen/Dennis Duford, 3rd in an Audi 4000Q
> Oh, yes, the 2nd and 3rd place finishers are my kids.....Raymond beat
> his brother after being off in the woods as well.  The kids had a ball
> and Stephen and Dennis are planning to run the  1998 divisional series
> starting with the rally in NY the first of Jan.......I'm a very proud
> Mom......and I am definately glad I did NOT know Gary Webb was rally
> master before they left or I probably would have disabled the cars!  I
> know Gary from way back and he's just this side of cooked when it comes
> to rallying.....great guy, just a bit touched......<G>
> Trish Blethen

Is this rally in NY a TSD ?
It is not on the list of divisional ProRally events. The only one I
know might run in Jan is Apple Hill Rally Cross. Is this the one?
 Mike Z