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Re: Funny place for hydr. oil leak

More than likely, it is your AC compressor that is leaking, the AC comp.
uses ALSO mineral oil (same as your hyd. pump), you can get a charged
aerosol can and add some oil to your R12 system through your charge valve.

At 06:50 PM 12/10/97 EST, you wrote:
>Before I run off to mechanic. Anyone BTDT with the following:
>I'm getting small puddle of clear oil (seems to be Pentosin) dripping off of
>and covering the under side of the AC compressor. Coincides with resevoir
>level slowly dropping. I've looked all around the hyd. pump but don't see a
>leak, unable to see the source of leak which must be below the pump and
>dripping onto the compressor. Any ideas?
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