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Re: Requiem for a quattro (long)

> corrective action in this situation?  I drive to Vermont from Conn.
> every Fri nite during ski season.  The one time I had it happen to me, > I just gently coaxed it through the turn using the gas.  Bad idea? 

 Herr Frank Stadmeyer,

Yes, You have to FEEL the drift of the car and you have to know how much
gas at what time to apply (I call this driving cars with your bu't - at
least the feeling part).

This is a very delicate affair !

(for members who are inexperienced) If you do not know how your Q acts
in differnet sitations then go out there and test & learn. You will be
able to handle most of the situations that will occur out there with
						Zafir in Detroit
				4KSQ enjoying the snowstorm with power slides !!!
					HEHEHE... I love these cars