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RE: Nefarious Forces !?!

I am sorry that I find this funny, but it is.  Sometimes it helps heal the 
wounds to laugh at them.  Everyone just drink your teaspoon of pentosin or in 
the pentosin challenged cars eat your vacuum pumps or suspension bushings, and 
hopefully we can last the rest of the year without anymore carnage.  Happy 

A brief summary:

10 October:  Ramana Lageman converts his modern Coupe Quattro into a
"shorty" in a moment of distraction.

23 October:  Bob Cotton's '97 A4Q almost eaten by a large bear.

10 November:  August Horch aims for clear spot, hits deer instead.

11 November:  Mike Arman reports a pestilential horde of mice have
invaded his '86 5K.

26 November: Unka Bart has V8Q converted into large, leather
upholstered tricycle by a tree stump.

26 November: Arrogant driver attempts to use Rober W. Obrien's Audi as
donor in Honda/Audi dual-cockpit siamesing project.

1 December:  Shaun pk001e has Audi attacked by Kamikaze flying stunt
deer which appears to fall from sky.

8 December: After pathbreaking ABS data-gathering, Phil Rose next
collects data concerning the road grip of his 200Q's roof.

9 December:  Jeff Mudrich parks car directly in path of high-speed police
chase with gruesome results.

Gentlemen, based on this summary of calamities over the past few
months, I can only presume that we have not, as a group, been paying
enough homage to the Audi Gods _OR_ Dark Forces are working against
us.  Hungry bears, deer falling from the sky, and all of the mishaps have
me very, very frightened.  I'm getting out my talisman.

Best Wishes,