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TAP stress bars for 200T...


Anyone using the TAP stress bars on a 200T? Also, anyone know another
manufacturer of stress bars for Audi cars? I am looking for front
and rear stress bars. I haven't seen anyone out there apart from
TAP who make a rear stress bar. I was going to go for the Jamex
stress bar, but they seem to be generics and if they can't provide
a replacement shock for a 200T then they surely can't have properly
built stress bars. I just want to see who else makes these bars,
I would like to compare them to the TAP parts which are going for about
$195 and look like they can do the job properly. Who is using these
bars and what difference to driving do they make?

Might as well throw this one in: anyone notice how little dents
can form in the Audi body from hard driving and body twist? Maybe
it is just me, but we (my family) used to have a 500E (I think this
was the 4000 in the States) and once it just formed a dent on the
rear left boot curve. Nobody touched the car, nobody dropped anything
onto it, nobody drove into it, but the dent formed as we were doing
some hard driving and cornering. Also, my current 200T has formed
some dents of its own.

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