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Re 90 Coupe FS in ME

   That'll teach me, I took Mike Marions advice and headed west from 
Manchester New Hampshire to look for the elusive 90 Coupe Q.  I found 
myself in a Green Mountain state of mind. Turns out that alternate side 
of the state parking rules were in effect, expecting snow don't ya know, 
and Maine was forced to locate on the other side of New Hampshire till 
the snow emergency was over.
   It turns out Vermont and NH take turns pushing Maine around this way 
because neither want to so closely located to Maine's cold winters.  I 
left the the 5000TQ in Maine and the UrQ in NH so if Maine was forced to 
move again I'd have easy access to at least one of my Audi's.  Turns out 
the Maine Coupe owner is actually in Boston, (Mainers seem to have 
little sense of direction for such a mobile place),  for the week, a 
place that doesn't move around much but where it IS possible to drive on 
I 93 North and I 95 South at the same time, No kidding!
   If the Coupe exists anywhere besides Mike's imagination, I'll find it 
and post the info.

Mike D
Where's my GPS when I need it?

ISO 90/91 Coupe

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