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Boy, you gonna git the WHOLE shaft!

>Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 14:18 -0500 (EST)
>From: Mark Pollan <Mark.POLLAN@MCI.COM>
>Subject: CVJ/Half-Shaft Source
>Hi All:
>I've beeen looking for some front half-shafts for the Q and came upon
>this place http://www.raxles.com/homep2.htm on the web.
>Spoke with Marty down there.  He didn't have any rebuilt/reman. axles
>but _new_ Lobro stuff seemed reasonably priced.
>Complete new front half-shaft was $279
>Outer joint was $175
>I mentioned the list and he was _very_ encouraging as far as a list
>discount was concerned.  What do you all think about the above prices
>as a list price?  They are for an '86 5KTQ 5spd w/ABS.
>I'd like to hear from some of you and I will call back and try to negotiate
>a list discount.
>Mark Pollan

Mark, if you pay these prices, you'll be getting the WHOLE shaft, not the
half shaft!

Try Jorgen Automotive at 1-800-666-0300 in Ann Arbor, MI. How does $79
exchange sound? Roger up there in MI seems to know his stuff - I got a
rebuilt rack from them for $140 exchange, and it has a LIFETIME guarantee
PLUS three hours third party labor warranty for the first year.

You have to convince then that you are in some kind of automotive-related
business (I said import-export) before they'll sell to you, but it doesn't
seem too tough to do.

Not a stockholder (prolly ought to be), just a very satisfied customer -
and I'm VERY picky and sometimes real hard to satisfy.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman (with rack that steers and DOES NOT leak!)