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Retrofit Questions : Dreaming On a Winter's Day

Hi All,
	Sitting in traffic in PA snow today got me wishing my Jetta GLX had all
wheel drive. My mind started to wander back to the '84 high mileage 4000Q I
found. After work today I started paging through some back magazines (VW
Audi Car from the UK to be specific), and found an article on a UK Quattro
tuning firm, specializing in Ur-Quattros specifically.
	One popular upgrade they said they perform, is 10V to 20V setups and also
20V to RS2 specs during rebuilds. What I am curious about is this....

1. Is a 20VT and tranny install into an '84 4KQ sedan possible? If so, what
other upgrades would be necessary? Clutch? Drivetrain? Braking? I am
presuming the 4KQ engine bay is quite similar to that of the UrQ

2. 4 to 5 lug conversion would be another thing I'd want to have done. With
this I presume a wealth of upgraded braking systems etc. might be possible.

3. Would an Ur-Q set of euro headlamps and grille fit the early 4K?

4. Is there any parts car that would supply me everything? I am thinking a
wrecked 200TQ perhaps. Also would the front seating fit the 4KQ, are the
rails the same?

What a sleeper car this would be? I can dream I guess. I appreciate any
help you guys may offer. I am familiar with what fits what in the VW
partsbin, but pretty darned ignorant in the Audi partsbin department.-G