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Re: Multi Function Temp Sensor ('86-91 5000/200TQ)

In a message dated 12/11/97 "Robert Myers" <rmyers@inetone.net> writes:

<< Another common failure mode is the connector itself becoming extremely
corroded and eventually corroding completely in two.  Disconnect the
connector plug, peel back the rubber boot and examine the actual wiring
where it attaches to the jacks of the connector. >>

Does anyone know where to obtain and how to replace this connector? Reason I
ask, on mine the plastic connector housing is falling apart from heat so it is
very difficult to connect to the MF switch and I think there is an
intermittent lurking either in the connector or the switch. I can see how one
could get a connector from a junker and splice the wires but that's kinda
ugly. Can the connector be "rebuilt" with a new housing? Anyone BTDT on this?
There must be someone. Have any part numbers and advice? I would like to
address this when I replace the MF switch and will improvise if I have to but
doing it so it looks "factory" would be nice. Also, when installing a new MF
switch what thread sealent (if any) does one use? Are the threads tapered pipe
thread? Mine seems to have a coolant seep out of the threaded area so any
advice there would be appreceated as well. TIA

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq