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Re: Retrofit Questions : Dreaming On a Winter's Day

George Achorn writes:
> 1. Is a 20VT and tranny install into an '84 4KQ sedan possible? If so, what
> other upgrades would be necessary? Clutch? Drivetrain? Braking? I am
> presuming the 4KQ engine bay is quite similar to that of the UrQ

Yes, it's possible, but you'll need everything from the donor car
(not just the engine).  This includes all plumbing, bracketry,
fuel injection, ECU, wiring harness, etc.  Also, since the only
20VT engine that was ever available in the U.S. is off of either
a 91 200TQ or the later S4/S6 cars, you may have to source a lot
of stuff from Europe (for the 20V Urquattro) to make things work.
I wouldn't be surprised if you wind up doing a lot of custom fabrication.
You'll also need to relocate your battery to the trunk, and cut off
the existing battery tray.  You'll also need to invest in a lot of time,
and big $$.

> 2. 4 to 5 lug conversion would be another thing I'd want to have done. With
> this I presume a wealth of upgraded braking systems etc. might be possible.

This can be done if you completely switch to using Urquattro suspension
components (strut housing/shocks/bearing/hub/driveshaft/brakes, etc).

> 3. Would an Ur-Q set of euro headlamps and grille fit the early 4K?

Yes, if you can find them.  The 84 4KQ has the flat front instead of
the sloped front, so you'll need to get the early style Euro lights.
My 4000 has these.  See my web page for photos (URL below).

> 4. Is there any parts car that would supply me everything? I am thinking a
> wrecked 200TQ perhaps. Also would the front seating fit the 4KQ, are the
> rails the same?

200TQ seats would definitely NOT fit 4K series cars.

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