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Re: 200tq problems

Phil Payne wrote:

> So far, the best diagnostic tool I have seen is a little harness made up by
> Scott Mockry.  This fits between the wastegate frequency valve and its
> connector, with a long lead taking a LED into the cabin.  You just tape it
> in front of the driver.  It's simple - with the MAC12D (and MAC11/MAC13) the
> ECU takes over wastegate control at WOT. So if you hammer the foot down, the
> LED should flash.  So far, this tool has proven infallible, and it has found
> one WOT switch that tested OK in daylight to be defective in a moving car.

Under what mode does the LED flash? Only momentary or continual flashing
at WOT? Iíve noted that the KH is very different than the MC in this
control area.

Sounds like a simple jig to build.
84 5KT
87 5KCST