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Re: Multi Function Temp Sensor ('86-91 5000/200TQ)


> Hey, if you can find the connector, let me know where.  I
was told by my
> fiendly (sic) Audi dealer's parts people that a
replacement plug was not
> available.  I had to but the whole wiring harness.  I
"engineered" the
> repairs I suggeste earlier.

The part number for the 4 terminal plastic connector
housing is shown as 

443 971 974, the rubber boot is shown as 443 971 876A, 

I didn't  find the spade terminal part numbers in the
fiche, but the Audi parts guy "should" be able to dredge
them up. 

I have had the same experience with some Audi parts guys,
"sorry sir, that WOT throttle switch is not available
separately, you need to replace the whole throttle body for
only $782....."

Yeah right....

Scott M.