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Re: Power Steering pumps

Sorry about sending this twice. I forgot to subject heading it. My bad.
Double apologies to Phil for having to download it twice.
(What's this Boot for all Seasons business?)

> From: Osman Parvez <oparvez1@nycap.rr.com>
> To: quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: 
> Date: Thursday, December 11, 1997 11:32 PM
> >Rob Winchell wrote:
> >> 
> >> Q -
> >> 
> >> My power steering pump just started making a LOT of noise. Assuming
> worst, has anyone replaced one recently who could share the best price
> found and the source?
> >> 
> >> It's for a 91 200Q, by the way.
> >I'd buy the rebuild kit first and give that a try. Not to difficult and
> >very cheap!!
> >There were some earlier postings w/part # and things to check when the
> >pump is apart.
> >GT
> Okay, I qualify as a someone who has recently replaced the PS pump. My
> first inclination was to try the rebuild kit route, and I checked into it
> at work. I'm currently working at a dealership with a very knowledgeable
> service writer. We spoke about the rebuild kit for a while, and he told
> that he and the techs had tried it several times and failed miserably.
> on his own car. He backed it up by telling me that even the techs go for
> completely rebuilt pumps instead of the kit.. "and if they could save a
> buck, don't you think they would??" 
> I ended up buying the pump for $295 from the dealer (employee discount..
> 10% over cost). Afterward, while I was shopping for a replacement
> alternator, I found that VW parts (1800 VW Parts) would have sold me a
> rebuilt unit for $225. Eric, the guy you want to talk to at VW Parts,
> that the pumps are "factory rebuilds." I have no idea how he is able to
> make a profit on pumps at a sale price that is below our cost, perhaps
> an aftermarket rebuild? I dunno.. you can give it a try.
> I believed him because he wasn't making money on me (due to the employee
> thing). Plus, for the alternator he *recommended* that I don't buy it
> where I work, but instead purchase it from VW parts! So.. I did ($100).  
> On the other hand, I know of one lister who used the $15 rebuild kit and
> was succesful at the time of installation (last summer). I don't know if
> it's still leak free though. I recall it took him more than one try to
> it right. You can ask Paul Waterloo about that. 
> BTW, I'm not trying to sway anybody into or away from their opinions on
> Audi Dealer. Although I have been fairly impressed with my Service
> I couldn't afford him if I didn't work there. 
> Oh, and I'm gonna try to see if my Parts Manager wants to make an
> arrangement for you guys on the Q-list.. similar to the one with Linda at
> Carlsen. I'll keep you posted on it as it unfolds.
> Good luck.
> Osman Parvez
> 89 200q
> 170K