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octane meathods

OK, after answering the towing-q's question, I glanced at the nearby pages
listing engine types, and lo and behold, the MC engine minimum octane is
91RON, recommended 95RON.

Uh...87 seems to work fine...is the big-number-octane-rating not RON?  I
know of  the existance of more than one octane rating; what's the typical
big-number-on-the-yellow-sticker-at-the-gas-pump number calculated by?
The only thing I know of with an "octane" above 91 is 100LL(Low Lead :),
and Hansom Base is just a tad too far for my refuling needs :)

Could some chem person set the record straight?  I would be interested in
seeing how the various meathods are calculated/tested.


Brett Dikeman
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