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Re: Ur q oversteer revisited

BTDT.  Learned the trick at Audi quattro Winter Driving School.  You need a
4-lane road, snow, and approx. 40 mph...

A quick application of steering/parking brake followed by steering/throttle
will do it for you after some practice.  At least in a torsen diff'd car...

I recommend practicing on a track ploughed onto a lake or such, runoff area
will be needed in this event.  ;^)

If you get good and have enough speed/power, you can do this on dry
pavement too, but you won't catch me trying this.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

> From: EICHSTEV <EICHSTEV@aol.com>
> Now a question.  Has anyone mastered the quattro signature "spin around
> own axis" manuever?   There's a nice big, icy and empty parking lot
nearby to
> practice in...
> Steve Eiche