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Any obvious gotchas with 1990 200TQ?

In addition the '95 90Q Sport I'm looking at, I'm also interested in
the 1990 200TQ they have (or will have).

Does anyone in the list know the person trading in this car in
Merrimack, NH today for a black S4? I'd love to talk to the present

Barring that, it's 1990 200TQ, pearl, 107k miles, "meticulously
maintained" (salesman's words). They're asking $7500 for it. I intend
to read up on it today, but is there anything I might easilly overlook
that I really shouldn't? 

This car does not have the nasty brakes, right? And I understand it's
the 10vt. What's the HP difference between that and the 20vt?


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