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Re: 1995 90 Sport Quattro?

In a message dated 97-12-12 07:08:48 EST, mikecallaghan@yahoo.com writes:

<< I can't find any specs on the 1995 90 Sport Quattro? Can someone
 enlighten me, please? What makes it "sport" anyway? >>

There were two very slight variations on the theme, but the basics
were as follows:

o  Sport seats in Jacquard Satin fabric; black with subtle light
    grayish stripes
o  20mm lowered suspension with appropriately modified shocks
    and springs
o  Different (but same size) alloy wheels
o  Additional gauges in lower center console (this is one point
    of variation, not all of the cars had these)
o  Wood gearshift knob (again, on the early cars, not on later
o  Some restrictions on color from the normal 90 line
o  Available in front drive or quattro
o  No engine of driveline differences to the non-sport car

Apart from the suspension modifications, the Sport 90s consisted of "optical
tuning" elements.  My understanding is that the whole thing was meant to be a
low-cost sweetener to help ease out the 90s at the end of their life-cycle.