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towing a q

In message <d5c44c4.34915ba3@aol.com> DFAUTOHAUS writes:

> I also know of one 93 90Q  (Torsen
> diff) that was towed from Portland Me to Burlington VT with a wheel lift
> wrecker with the front end up and didn't hurt it. They went thru the mountains
> so weren't going 80 . That was 2 years ago and we still service the car and
> the diffs are fine. I checked the owners manual and it says its ok for under
> 50 miles and under 30 mph.I guess if it can be towed 50 miles it can be towed
> 500 and long as it doesn't get over heated.

The front differential and TORSEN are a single oil space on my ur-quattro.
Lift one end, and all the oil goes to the other.  Lift the front - the 
differential is dry (but the wheels aren't turning anyway).  Lift the rear, and 
the TORSEN is dry.  Now _that_ configuration would worry me.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club