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Ur q oversteer revisited

Nice to hear you are indulging in one of my favorite activities.  I get
tired of driving to school here in Moscow, ID everyday as there are way
to many police and no fun roads in town.  I have to make a trip up to
the mountain every weekend just to let the 4kq run.  Lately though, its
been snowy and now I can play hide and seek with the police.  Check
around, no police, hey, 180 into my parking spot (I only do this with no
other vehicles around to hit).
    I have spun my Q on its own axis quite a few times.  I cant always
do it when I want but sometimes I can.  4k rpm and I'm not moving
forward but rotating.  Pretty fun, jsut watch out for grippy surfaces or
you'll probably break something when the Q grabs.  I only do it when
theres plenty of snow, otherwise I just hang the tail out a little on
snowy corners that I can see around.
    Ok, enugh ranting, sorry.  Love my quattro.  Wish my M&S tires were
better but oh well, still pass everything on the streets around here.
    L8R and happy sliding
            Todd Phenneger