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Methanol in Audis

Can our Audis run on methanol unmodified? Can any of the Bosch automatically
adjust to the lower stoichiometric ratio? I think that with the lower ratio
of methanol, K-Jetronic would waste it.

Luis - 4kq

> >>forget all of this gas crap.  Lets all just switch to 
> >>Methanol...hehe...that would be somewhat nice...
> >
> >To my surprise, I saw this being sold at the pump in Santa Cruz, CA for
> >$3.299/gallon ... what caught my eye, though, was the 102 octane rating.

> >course, even the 23.8 gallon tank in my Ur-Q wouldn't be good for much
> >driving range...
> Actually, the mileage isnt that bad.  the stoichiometric rate is so much 
> lower for methanol that alot less can be used.  And that is really 
> high...i have heard that it is available around here for 1.00 a gallon or 
> less...but i dunno....
> But what an awesome fuel..in every way...