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Re: V8 CV boot repl

FBFISH@aol.com wrote:
> Help- My 1990 V8 is sitting half way into my garage up on blocks with the
> front wheel on the passenger side torn apart. This woudn't be so bad except
> its below freezing and my wife wants the garage door closed!! This three hour
> job (my estimate) is taking considerably longer. Perhaps someone out there
> has done this job and can offer some help. My specific Questions  are: 1) is
> there a special tool to press out the pivot pin on the track control arm? 2)
> must I remove the entire axle from the car to replace the outside boot, or
> can I do it from the wheel end? Thanks in advance--Frank Santoro Baltimore
> Md.

You need to use a long pipe. Place it over the sway bar and under the 
subframe as shown in Bently manual for 5k. Remove the bolt that retains 
the pin in the spindle.Pull down hard and it should come out. Does for me 
every time. 
Good luck 
Mike Z.