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RE:200 / V8 similarities

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I have the all-red V8 tail lights on my red 91 200q (turn signals flash
orange). They dropped right in, no modification at all. V8 Body panels
have subtle differences that make a swap a little difficult. Bumpers
have slightly different mounting points, but can be modified to fit
(rear easier than front).  The basic dimensions are similar, and the
inner body structure of the V8/200q is virtually the same.


91 200q 16" ACT LS, TAP chip, Bilstein/Eibach, Euro lights, V8 tail
lights, etc.
86 5ktq I.A., Borla, etc

Rob wrote:
>How different/similar are the '91 200Q and V8 bodies? Do they just look
alike, or are actual body parts interchangeable?

I know the front end and rear lights are different.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q
87 4kCS

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