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Solved/But: Funny place for hydr. oil leak

Thanks to all who replied to:

}}}I'm getting small puddle of clear oil (seems to be Pentosin) dripping off
and covering the under side of the AC compressor.....{{{

The winner is:
>>My guess would be one of the cap seals on the underside of the hydraulic
pump.  Shine a bright light in there with the engine running and watch for a
couple of minutes: you ought to see it dripping.-Arun Rao>>

Although I was unable to see this, I "slimed" my hand, by reaching around and
under from behind, and ran my hand along the underside of the pump. Wiped it
off, next day-new slime (hyd fluid).

But, some of the responses related to A/C comp. leakage lead to additional
questions-see "Part 2: Funny place for oil leak".

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