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Re: towing a quattro

> That's with the rear driveshaft disconnected right?
> Gotta be.
> Ken

> Dave, aren't you running Torsens in both cars? I'd have thought this
> would be a "least likely to succeed" maneuver, but if the book says so .
>. . I learned something today.

yup, torsens and, yes, it sounds dumb - but that's what the manual says.  Of
course there would be no problem for a non-torsen model with an unlocked 'open'
centre diff; the torsen does spice up the cocktail some, but the manual says
that it's ok with either end up in the air.  the caveats are not to exceed 50
km/hr or 50kms.  it does say no to lock the rear diff if towing with the front
in the air (pretty obvious).

my ur-q manual says that the reason for the limitations is "damage can be
caused to the centre differential due to insufficient lubrication if the car is
towed faster or further than this".  the rs2 manual says the same thing.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q