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More shock questions.

Hi All,

Well, I waited for about a month to get what I thought was going to be bolt on replacements (Sachs/Boge - turbo-gas) for the rear shocks for my '86 
5kcsQT.  NOT.  The part they sent me required the modification at the top of the strut, and as it  turns out, it isn't a turbo-gas part anyway.  It's a 
Sachs 170 819.  I called Sachs to see what they had to say, and after they checked that the strut was boxed properly, etc, they asked for the part number 
of the shock currently installed, which is 106 829.  Apparently this is supposed to be used on non-quattro cars.  I'm supposed to call back on Monday and 
talk to one of their Techs that races VAG cars and should be able to help me a little more.  I'll post what I learn.


PS: the part on the car is made by Sachs and doesn't have any Audi/VW markings, so I assume this isn't the first replacement,  and the last time around 
they managed to get the right part.