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Re: useless keyhole

>The Audi gods are sending my Christmas/birthday gift early.  After work today
>I went to unlock the doors (on my 90q) from the driver's door and the key just
>wiggled back & forth doing absolutely nothing.  Now the only way to lock or
>unlock the doors is from the passenger side keyhole.  What a PITA!  Is there
>an easy fix?  Can I swap a part out of the passenger side?  Or do I have to
>have the car re-keyed or what?

When Audi switched over to the flush-mounted door handles, the lever they
used to operate the door lock was made from cast pot-metal or slightly
reinforced tin foil (I'm not sure which) and they will *ALL* break ... Audi
has since redesigned the parts from stamped steel -- approx. $25, the last
time I bought one -- and if you've got large hands, you'll probably need to
disassemble the door to install it.  I've done it enough so that I'm
actually pretty quick about it but figure on two hours for your first time.

BTW, if you decide to just ignore it for the time being and keep using the
passenger-side door lock, you'll eventually break that one, too.  The only
way to get into the car at that point is through the trunk, using compressed
air to pop open door locks ... BTDT in the parking lot of a shopping mall.
No fun at all.  :^(

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