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Re: Engine Still Knocking 4kq

David Thoresen wrote:
> Thanks for all your replies to my question of engine knocking noises.
> I checked everything and the knocking is getting worse... even when
> idling and standing still it will make a knocking noise, it seems to
> be coming from the cylinders around the middle of the engine...
> If I rev the engine it will go away or get worse (sometimes) then
> come back, other times  it will not knock at all...  when it does it
> does get pretty loud.  It does not sound like a valve problem,  more
> like a loose piece of metal banging against metal.
> I have a photo on the web of my engine I shot with an arrow pointing
> to where the knocking is coming from if that helps...
> http://www.lava.net/epicfoto/4kqeng.jpg
> Thanks!
> David Thoresen
> '85 4kq (and maybe soon an engine transplant?)
	Check the vacuum pump on the drivers side of the engine and mounted to
the cylinder head.