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mystery of the ages solved

As I was explaining one of the 4kq's idiosyncrasies to its new
owner, namely, that you can't fill it with gas unless
the nozzle is at a certain position, I began explaining
that I thought it might be because of a clogged vent hole, 
though a look at the fiche showed nothing.  Then, since I had
the trunk liner pulled forward anyway, I looked in.

I've come up with 2 theories on why this happens - I have yet
to hear from the new owner on this but I am confident that
this is solved.

a) There is a plastic check valve in the vent hose that
comes off the filler neck.  There is a large cloth hose (see
b) below) that leads to a pair of smaller hoses, and on one
of these there is this check valve.  Being like other Audi
check valves, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the problem.

b) As I further investigated, I found that the cloth vent hose 
(which is about 1/2" or so in diameter - ~13mm for our Euro
pals) was kinked in not one, but two places, almost directly below
the right rear speaker.

So, to everyone who has had this problem on 4kqs and UrQs:
check that hose, check that check valve.  And let me know
if I could have eliminated looking like an alien at the
gas station for the last 3 years.

(Especially in NJ, which imposes a full service fill - after
4 or 5 clicks of the nozzle, they would finally give in and
let me do it myself...)

Countdown to CoupeQ: 5 days.
Countdown to finals: 1, and 3.

| Dan |
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