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Exhaust manifold questions...

Here's another matter I'd like some input on ... I assume that when I
(finally) get the exhaust manifold off, I'm going to find it cracked and, if
not, with 86k on the car, I figure it will crack sometime soon.

I have the Extrude-Honed exhaust manifold from Ben Howell's pre-V8 Ur-Q and
the cracks in it have been welded up (nice job, too) ... what are the odds
of it cracking again soon if I use it?  At the rate it's going, this isn't a
job I'll be anxious to do again anytime soon.  (P.S.: I bought it for my
racecar, figuring that if it ever did crack -- okay, when it cracks -- it
wouldn't be that big of a job to replace.  This is clearly *not* the case on
a street car!)

Would I be better off using a Dialynx manifold (does it really deliver a
performance improvement as claimed?) or making a two-piece manifold fit?
I'd like to keep the costs in check, if at all possible, which means I'd
really prefer to use Ben's old manifold but I'm willing to spend the money
for a new one, if necessary...

Any input will be appreciated.
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