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Hi Guys,

Has anyone seen or heard of  any of these cars (89 model) starting fine,
running fine,
but occasionally blowing out a big ball of smoke from the exhaust, so
bad that you cannot see the cars behind you ?

I have tried to repeat the smoking, but to no avail, the car seems to
build up
oil, and then blow it directly into the engine. It smokes for about 100
yards and then
everything disappears as if  nothing has happened. The oil seems to
accumulate somewhere and when there is enough, come out at once. Going
though a right hand curve seems to sometimes trigger it earlier.???????
It loses about a pint of oil a week with town driving, less on the

The cyclinder head was done about a year ago, and is still under
guarantee, some
guys here think it might be a borderline valve stem seal. Others think
it could be theturbo starting to throw oil into the system. Others
believe it could be a valve lifter??.

I have checked compression, done an inspection on the cyclinder head,
checked for leaks etc. etc. I have another turbo on standby, but I am a
bit lost, as I am green
in this field.

I am taking it to the agents to have a look, but they haven't got any
ideas either.

Anyone who can help, please let me know!

Kind regards to everyone in the Audi group,

Renier Meyer, Durban South Africa.