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So. Cal Christmas Party

Thanks to all that made it yeaterday. Your active involvement makes this
local chapter
worth puttiong the time into. That was fun! For all that are in the area
and did not come, you missed a nice time.
Our body count.
1 V8
2 S6's
2 S4's
3 Ur-Q's
1 4K TQ (Nice conversion!!!!)
1 91 200 TQW (guess who's)
1 91 @)) TQ Sedan
1 911 Twin Turbo (Ay yayayaya-Hmmmmmm-drool)
2 A4Q's
1 90 20VQ
3 4K Q's
1 90 20V Coupe (I think)

If my count is off, or I forgot your wheels, the Boddington Ale was a
memory lubricant-thoughts kind of slip away.

Look forward to our local chapter having a activity filled year.

Paul Rivera
So. Cal Q-Club Secretary.