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Re: Exhaust manifold questions...

Hey gang,

I have not kept up with the previous Jet Hot discussion, is
this a coating on the outside of the manifold/exhaust pipe
or is it on the inside? If it is on the outside, then how
does it actually reduce the thermal stresses on the exhaust
manifold? It would seem that they would increase from the
heat being retained inside the manifold. I need a little
help understanding this....

> >I would use the extrude honed manifold since you have
it. However, I >>would have it heat coated if you have not
done so already. I'm talking about an
> >actual heat barrier coating, not just some pretty paint.
This will greatly
> >reduce the thermal stresses caused by the expansions of
the metal at high
> >temperatures (which is what causes it to crack in the
first place).

Thanks in advance
Scott M.