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Re: A URq with an oil addiction -the continuing saga.

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From: Andrew Asher <andrew.asher@pnz.co.nz>
>At a constant Idle when warm, the car spews blue smoke - as if its
>having oil poured gently down the air intake.

I might be way off-line, but what happens if you take out the dipstick when
the engine is idleing at warm? Does the engine 'stumble' like it should or
do you get oil fumes from the dipstick tube?
It sounds to me like its a problem with the engine breather system - if it
was a euro spec Ford thats what I'd check straight away, but a WR I dont

>This is a dead standard English Spec 1985 URq - WR engine - no anti
>smog equipment etc..only ever been tampered with by experts

>hhhmmmmmmm ).
Did the 'experts' do anything like hone or bore the cylinders?
I have seen a couple of engines (Rover V8's) which had been cylinder honed
incorrectly. Compressions were ok but because the cylinders became
progressively out of round towards the bottom of the swept area the engines
suffered from ring blow-by resulting in excessive crankcase pressures which
forced a lot of oil though the breathers. This only happened once the
engines were warm because like the Urq the pistons arent round until they
are warm.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro.