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A4 turbo head (part 2)

For those who have been keeping up with my A4 and its multiple heads, I
have more news.

In my last installment, I said that the engine at idle made a squealing
(belt) and a clicking (???). At the service manager's suggestion, I
sprayed WD40 on the belts to get them to seat (or something).

No difference and Friday after work, I went back to the shop.

The squeaking was from the belts. Easy enough to fix... new belts.
The clicking is a different story.
It seems the clicking is coming from the back of the head. The tech said
the valves might be sticking, hitting... He really didn't know, but
suggested I drive the Jetta (waiting w/ keys in ignition) and not risk
further damage to the head!
The day tech will look at it on monday and see if the head can be
adjusted or if it needs to be replaced _again_.

I love my little car, but this is the kind of stuff that sucks. That
jetta is the worst and compounds the fact I'm not driving the turbo.

If any A4 owners want more info, gimme an email.

Jason Palmer
waiting on my 97 A4 turbo q