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QCUSA Event at Thunderhill

Hi gang!

For those who may wish to attend the Thunderhill event, this information
comes courtesy of 2Bennett AudiMotive.

Audi Quattro Club USA
Driver School & Safety Seminar at Thunderhill Park

January 17 & 18 1998

Willows California (about 185 miles north of San Francisco off of I-5)
"rain or shine"

"Rolling green hills with a beautiful 3 mile track"

Event T-shirt & Saturday dinner included with your paid entry

$250 fee (was $225 before Dec. 1, but I guess all registrations are late now)


Quattro Club
        Karen Chadwick 612-475-2063

Event Master
        Andrew Bennett 530-758-7325

Membership in QCUSA is required-$40 fee to be included with registration if
you're not a member.
Limited number of Helmet rental available on 1_C_1_S basis-$15.00 extra if
All drivers must fill out separate registration form even if sharing a car.

There are early cancellation fees-contact above.

Special Note: 
"Drivers are financially responsible for any and all damages they make to
the facility and its parts."



Tony Lum  (tlum@flash.net)                 1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro         
Berkeley, California, USA                     1985 4000CS Quattro
Audi Owner/Driver/Mechanic by Necessity ;^)     1980 5000S Sedan