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Re: Cams & heads

> From: QSHIPQ <QSHIPQ@aol.com>
> *  High lift, little overlap for turbo cars is the
ticket.  Really high lift?
> Those mechanical valve heads may not be sea anchors after

This takes me back to where I was when I first joined this
list 5 years ago.  It really seems to me that (at least in
the USA) Audi let us down during the evolution of the 5
cyl. head. To my knowledge there never was a 5 cyl.
counterpart to the '83 US GTI head.  40 mm Intakes 34 mm
Exhaust, solid lifter and the valves were separated by an
additional 1 mm (look mom, no cracks) and a 30 cc
combustion chamber.  In short, a wonderful free flowing
head (considering the options).   That head in a 5 cyl.
configuration would be the hot ticket in the 10 valve
world. It would solve the shortcomings of the Urq head
while providing all the benefits Scott is implying because
solid lifter heads flow better.   

Did a head like that ever exist in the European markets?