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Hi Renier,

I get this as well. After going synthetic I have found the smoke
happens less, but for me it shows up at cold starting some times.
Do you perhaps get a intermittent whistling sound from the turbo
side of the car when driving? If you do then does it vanish at
idle? I get this and was wandering if it might be bearings and
seals in the turbo going all funny. I still need to check the play
on the turbo shaft sometime, probably this weekend. Another thing I
remember from  the list about smoke  on the turbos is that the
line from the intercooler contains oil, you can remove the pipe and
check, then when you get on sudden boost some of the oil is dislodged
and passed through to the motor. One guy in Britain had major
smoking, so much that the cops told him to have it checked, he fitted
a replacement turbo and the problem was gone.

What is your source for the replacement turbo you speak of?

Anyway, it could also be the modification Audi made to these vehicles
when they first came out. At that point they were looking for
a replacement vehicle for Bond's Aston Martin DB5. The obvious option
one needed was a smoke screen. However, the switch for it was to be
hidden from view, but if you look down at the bottom of the gas pedal's
travel you will see a tiny switch. Guess what it does when you hit it
really hard? Thank heavens Audi did not decide to include the oil slick
option, ie. exploding bolts on the oil sump. :)


PS: q-listers, I am just kidding in the 2nd paragraph.
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