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Regarding loose vacuum line in engine bay...


A while back I made a posting to the list regarding a loose hose in
my engine bay. It runs along the firewall, and splits at a T-joint at
about the middle of the firewall, the other 2 tubes run to into the
firewall at the driver's side and into the side wall at the radiator
side (this is a RHD vehicle). Supposedly this is for the cruise
control system. I looked in the Haynes manual and found the
diagram for the system. One line runs to the venting valves on the
pedals, the other to the vacuum pump. Now, on my car the cruise
control system has been removed by someone. The servo unit and
linkage has been removed, but the lines have been left behind. I
would like to determine whether anything else has been removed such
as the vacuum pump and the control unit. Could someone please let me
know exactly where these things are located so that I can do a quick
job of finding out what has been "stolen" from my vehicle.

Do these vacuum lines operate anything else? Someone on the list
suggested they might have been used to operate the bi-level gate on
the climate control. The vacuum line that is hanging loose in the
engine bay is not sealed off. Also, I see from the diagram in the
Haynes manual that there is a connector on the vacuum pump, would
this by any change be a tubular 3-pin orange connector in the passenger
footwell around the region of the ECU?

The car in question is a 1990 200T.

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