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Re: Exhaust Manifolds

 # Jeff, One of the best Mods you can do to your UrQ is run the two piece EM 
 # that has been coated inside and out.  The ones that are running it (Me 
 # Included) a.) have had no heat related problems b.) Better turbo response 
 # and c.) MUCH lower underhood temps both running AND shut down.
 # Before you build your UrQ you really should talk to George Baxter, His 
 # UrQ is FAST.....  Damn Fast.  And best of all he's not all talk, he's 
 # BTDT.......
... although I've NBTDTY (not yet) I have also heard that there are real 
performance benefits from the insulating coatings on the inner surfaces 
of the manifold.  I am a bit skeptical about the benefit of coating the 
outside of the manifold though ... it would likely help a little bit to 
keep down the underhood temp, i`but it seems to me it could also lead to 
heating of the manifold itself ... as the outer insulating coating would 
prevent the heat from being radiated.  It probably would not be a big 
deal ... and if the cost of coating both inside and out was the same or 
less than doing just the inside I'd probably do it.  The coating does 
tend to make the manifold look better too ...

... as if anyone can actually see the EM! ... :)

I seem to recall someone saying that there was someone out there that had 
a coating serive/method that was supposed to be better than Jet Hot.  I 
tried using the search engine to get more info ... but I must admit that 
I need to learn a bit more about effective use of it ... this was posted 
quite some time ago ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)