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Re:C-GT elect. problem solved

Ken wrote:

> OK, this is what was wrong:
> There is a cluster of brown ground wires that all terminate in grounding
> rings.  Each is attached to a bolt that screws into the sheet metal to
> the left of the driver's feet.  This bolt was loose!

Grounds, GROUNDS, _GROUNDS!!!_.  Loose connectors, bad contacts,
corrosion, and bad/intermittent grounds probably account for 60% of the
electrical problems on these cars.  Easy to fix once you find them. 
Another 20% is probably due to shoddy wiring "repair" done by someone
in a hurry --- beware of strange electrical tape and odd  butt-splice
connectors.  The rest is inadequate components or dubious practices -
like headlight switches that carry the full current of the circuit instead of
tripping a relay and rubber diaphragms inside momentary-contact radio
switches that turn to crud.

In addition to regular maintenance, you _have_ to expect to do electrical
maintenance in the form of periodic inspections and occasional cleanings
on any older Audi.  

And _WATCH OUT_ for whining fan motors!  If you don't fuse it and it
seizes, it's burn, baby, burn.

Glad you found it so fast.  :-).

Best Wishes,