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re: Vacuum pump on 4ksQ removal help

Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu> wrote:
> Hey all, I know that it is a pretty easy thing to take off the vacuum pump 
> from a NA 5 cylinder. It is just the two bolts right?  On the top and 
> bottom....will I have to drain any oil from the engine so that I don't 
> make a huge mess?  Where is it listed in the Bently on what to do with 
> the thing?  What is the torque that is necessary for the bolts?

Just two bolts, no need to drain oil.

I don't know where it is in the Bently and can't check right now.

"What to do with the thing"?  What are you trying to do?  Are you 
diagnosing the "tap-tap-tap" sound?  Or, is it a brake problem?  

If it's the "tap-tap-tap", then just pull it off, take the metal 
pushrod out, and put the pump back on.  If the noise continues, 
then the vacuum pump's not the problem.  If it is gone, you found it.

When I did it before, I didn't use a new gasket, or a specific 
torque setting on the bolts.  I was kinda doing it hafass, but 
haven't had any problems just the same.